Send your text and images for an Akimbo, Akimbit or Web Listing in 1 email to

Text Guidelines for Emails/Web Postings
  • Include in body of email or as a text attachment. Do not send as PDF.
  • Maximum of 1,000 words.
  • Maximum of 15 hyperlinks. Embed links in content, rather than including inline. Avoid duplicate links.
  • Image captions/credits must be included within your copy.
  • Contact information (address, email and/or phone) must be included. We also suggest that you include your social media handles for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Please include the level of accessibility of your venue according to our definitions.
Image Guidelines for Emails/Web Postings
  • Maximum 3 images (including logos)
    • Please send at least one image without text overlay. The image we use in your website Homepage Listing must be free of text overlay, otherwise we may crop or substitute a stock image.
    • If multiple images or logos are required in a prescribed layout, they must be provided as a single image.
  • Maximum 2MB per image
    – Our layout is 600 pixels wide, but larger images are encouraged. Image dimensions of approximately 2,000 pixels are great!
  • All images must be included as JPG or PNG attachments.
    – When saving as a JPG, ensure that the Quality is set to Very High (approximately 85 – 95) to avoid a loss in image quality.
  • We cannot accept images embedded in Word documents.
    – Images embedded within documents are helpful as layout guides, but they cannot be extracted effectively.
Akimbit Thumbnail Image
  • In addition to the 3 posting images, you may provide a 200×200 pixel image or logo in JPG format for the Akimbit thumbnail. If no thumbnail is provided, we can create one by using an image from your content.
Social Media 
  • Social media posts with strong visual content get more engagement than posts with only links or text. We encourage our clients to submit 2-3 well-composed, dynamic, photographs or short video clips for use on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please do not send images with overlaid text.
  • For Instagram posts please refrain from sending graphics. Photographs get a better response from our audience.
  • Send the social media handles of all organizations and people referenced in your post.
  • Send up to 12 specific hashtags your organization uses.
  • Please note: If your organization cannot provide a suitable image please let us know, we have a small collection of images available for use.
Social Media – Recommended Image Size
  • Square or Landscape images with a minimum width of 1080px are preferred.
  • Instagram Album: Please ensure all images are the same size, whether they are square or landscape.
  • Please note: If images are not the recommended size, they may be cropped or resized for each social platform.
  • Instagram Videos: 600×600 px (1:1 aspect ratio) with a maximum length of 60 seconds in .MP4 or .MOV format. *Instagram does not currently support .gifs.
  • Facebook Videos: Minimum width of 600px (Landscape aspect ratio: 16:9. Portrait aspect ration 9:16) with a maximum length of 120 minutes in .MP4 or .MOV format. All .gifs must be less than 8MB.
  • Twitter Moving Images: 1280x1024px (1:1 aspect ratio) with a maximum length of 140 seconds in .MP4 or .MOV format. Looping .gifs less than 5MB are also supported.

Please see Sprout Social for more detailed specifications on social media images and videos.