Once you have sent us your copy, we will send you a proof for review and sign-off two business days before your scheduled Akimbo date.

Proofing Guidelines
  • Check your proof for accuracy of information, formatting, hyperlinks and subject line.
  • Mark all revisions, including deletions, in red in the body of the proof reply email. Do not reply with revised content as a separate email attachment.
  • The proof stage is for checking accuracy only, not re-writes. Extensive proof revisions, and second proof requests will automatically incur an additional $50 surcharge.

Email us back confirming you have proofed your email. Tell us whether you are signing off on it, or if there are revisions you are requesting. Your final sign off is due by noon ET the day before your scheduled Akimbo email. If you are requesting revisions, you must submit them earlier, to allow for time for completion by noon.

You will receive an email confirming sign off and the date the email will be sent, and acknowledging any revisions. Note: We do not send second proofs for any minor changes.

Didn’t get your proof?

If you don’t receive your proof on the day you should, please check your spam or junk folder. If it’s not there, it’s likely that your email server is blocking one or more of our email addresses. In the interim, please notify us by email and provide an alternate contact address (like gmail), so we can resend the proof for review.

To prevent blocked communications, please ensure that info@akimbo.ca and akimbo@akimbo.ca are added to your email server safe list. You may need to contact your network administrator for assistance.