Peripheral Visions: Ontario Society of Artists Juried Exhibition (Eastern Ontario)


April 4 – May 25, 2019
Opening Reception and open format discussion April 5, 4:30PM—6PM

176 Bobcaygeon Road in the town of Minden, Ontario
705-286-3763 |

ARTISTS: Anne Cavanagh, Carmel Brennan, Nancy R. Chalut, Laura Culic, Sheila Davis, Mary Derrick, Stephen Elliott, Winona Elliott-Schep, Carole Finn, Jasmine Hum, Kai Cui, Peter Large, Rebecca Last, Rob Niezen, Evelyn  Rapin, Alan Ray, Charles Spratt, Bob Tunnoch, Carol Westcott

This exhibition alludes to creating beyond the centre. Beyond city shared studio facilities, foundries and print shops are few and far between. At the periphery art making can take a different tenor. It perhaps favours a more individualistic, solitary focus. There is a balance between outward observation and inward reflection; one chooses to travel to the centre or stay back to create. The periphery brings the perspective of distance and from this vantage, the artist ascribes meaning to the world through the signs and symbols of their time.
– Curator Todd Tremeer