Lana Filippone: Written Upon Leaves


Wisdom of the Enchantress

Written Upon Leaves

Robert Langen Art Gallery at Laurier Library, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo Campus is pleased to present: an exhibition of sculpted porcelain by Lana Filippone.
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Monday-Friday, 10am-10pm
Saturday-Sunday, 12pm-10pm
Free Admission

October 15th-November 22nd.
Opening reception: November 6th, 7pm-9pm

Plants are imbued with meaning, lore and medicine. We’ve bloomed and evolved alongside these ancestors from our maternal oceans, preserving their teachings within our DNA, our observations, and carrying them out in our observances. The herbalist has marveled equally at the potency of their banes, as their blessings, meandering along the Poison Path of mithridates, magick, countermagick and remedies. As we continue to preserve and pass on a legacy of plant knowledge, we co-create a mythological and ritual imprint of herblore with the natural world. From advanced medicine, talismanic and venefic herbs, to wildcrafting and hedgework, commonplace cures and pleasure for the everyday; there exists in every plant, an individual animating spirit and archetype with an invitation to verdant congress.

While some have a lengthy rapport of cultivation and intervention; others creep happily along liminal spaces of human disturbance. Some exist in complex ways we have yet to fathom, concealing teachings and relationships that we have yet to surmise.

Within the microcosms of these green allies, elders and messengers, captured in fragile porcelain perpetuity, we may learn about ourselves, our cycles, mortality, myth and beauty reflected. One’s toxin is another’s sustenance, one’s poison is another’s antidote, while one’s dosage falls squarely on a spectrum of effect (the seven gates of poison). Written Upon Leaves follows mythological, spiritual and ecological narratives set off by a single leaf or petal and its complex tale; whereby we find Meaning and create relationships with their symbols and archetypes. May we be reminded of a deep interconnection of organisms and adaptations through darkness and light, seasonal and planetary rhythms, one another and of the proliferation and decrement of Life.


Orchis and Satyrion Root, Venus and Mars

Lana Filippone is a Toronto based artist. She has exhibited her work in numerous exhibitions in Canada and the US and internationally in Paris, Cannes, Venice, London, Wan Chai, Busan and West Sweden. She is a medalist with the société académique Arts-Sciences-Lettres, Paris and holds a BaH from Queen’s University and a diploma in Ceramics, Craft and Design from Sheridan College.

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Orchid detail, Orchis and Satyrion Root, Venus and Mars