Katie Ohe Opens at Esker Foundation


Katie Ohe, Venetian Puddle, 1977-78. Installation view at Griffin Art Projects, Vancouver. Courtesy of the artist and Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary. Photo by: Byron Dauncey.

25 January – 3 May
Opening reception: Friday 24 January, 6-10pm

Upcoming in the Project Space:
Anna Gustafson
3 February – 19 April

Esker Foundation is proud to present an in-depth look at Katie Ohe’s sculptural practice, and her unparalleled approach to material, form, space, and movement. Bringing together sculptural work spanning six decades of Ohe’s remarkable career, this is the largest and most comprehensive solo exhibition of her work to date.

The exhibition traces the development of Ohe’s remarkable sculptural practice, from early small-scale sculptures concerned with articulations of the figure; to her break from anatomical structures into abstraction; intricately engineered large-scale kinetic forms; floor-based works concerned with the interrelationship of form, space, and movement; to a brand new series of modular sculptures. Shown alongside this body of work is a selection of objects from Ohe’s material archive—maquettes, sketches, studies, and small works—that illuminate her ongoing research and processes of material experimentation, formal problem solving, and her continuum of thought.

For over 60 years, Ohe has been a catalyzing force in Calgary’s art community as an artist, mentor, teacher, supporter, and builder. As one of Alberta’s most important artistic figures, she has made a significant contribution to the development of contemporary art in the province and her innovative approaches to material, form, movement, and participation have been a meaningful influence for generations.

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Upcoming in the Project Space


Anna Gustafson, Remote & Obsolete, 2017-ongoing. Courtesy of the artist. Photo by: Sophia Burke.

Anna Gustafson
3 February – 19 April

Presented in partnership with The New Gallery

In response to the destructive cycle of late capitalist consumer culture, Anna Gustafson began enshrouding discarded appliances in old, white linen; a manner historically used by many cultures to prepare the dead for burial. Intrigued by this ritual, the material problem solving, the physical, repetitive labour involved, and of course, the enveloped object’s transformation, Gustafson came to understand this process as a way to individuate each item, and to honour the destruction necessary to make and power them.

Beginning with nearly any small abandoned appliance she could find—in particular kitchenware, including kettles, toasters, pots, and irons—Gustafson’s focus soon shifted to encompass objects that might resonate more strongly and universally upon contemporary, common ground: consumer electronics such as remote controls, entertainment electronics, and film and slide projectors. By enshrouding these ubiquitous items, Gustafson’s work extends a broad address to those that hold the decision-making power behind the destruction of our natural world.

For this installation of Object Lessons, Gustafson includes the ubiquitous leaf blower. Once disruptors in our neighbourhoods, they now float mutely through their new context of decommissioned remote controls.

Call to Community
As part of this exhibition Gustafson has made a call out to the community for contributions to the ongoing Object Lessons project by donating items that will be enshrouded. Gustafson is currently collecting remote controls, film and slide projectors, film cans, slide carousels, flashlights along with white cotton and linen fabric for shrouding. Donations can be brought to The New Gallery from 3 February to 19 April.

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