Call for Submissions: Local Art for New Residential Community (EVOLV and Field House)


Daniels HR Corporation, on behalf of The Daniels Corporation, invites artists from the Regent Park and downtown East area to submit proposals in consideration for the residential areas at the EVOLV and Field House community in Regent Park. The installation of the artwork will take place in late 2020 to early 2021. The proposal process will involve consulting with Daniels HR Corporation on the design and fabrication of the work to arrive at a final concept, as well as the installation of the piece.


For The Daniels Corporation (Daniels) each new home community is a work of art – literally. From conception through to completion, every Daniels neighbourhood is designed to enhance its surroundings, the community and to make a statement about its unique character. Daniels has pioneered a new approach to décor and art focused on sourcing local art for each of our new buildings. Within each project Daniels looks to source a wide range of art forms from paintings to photography to sculptures and beyond. This addition of striking local art through community engagement has quickly become a cornerstone of the company’s design philosophy.

The community is located at the northwest corner of River and Shuter, consisting of a 29-storey rental tower (“EVOLV”) and two rows of three-storey townhouse condominiums (“Field House”).

Opportunities for Local Art at EVOLV and Field House

In consultation with HOK Inc., a number of opportunities for social purchasing of local artwork have been identified for the common areas and amenity spaces within the residential tower to bring the space to life and tie everything together. Look and feel imagery showing the overall design intent for the spaces are included below. A breakdown of the pieces to be commissioned, medium, and location is included in the Response Cover Page. Artists from the Regent Park Community and downtown East area are invited to submit artwork that is inspired by the overall look and feel/design principles and inspiration images provided.

  1. Please submit as attachments by email only (no file transfer links to download please) to to a maximum of 10 MB total.
  2. Response Cover Page – please read and complete the Response Cover page thoroughly. Completion of the Response Cover Page is mandatory to be considered for the project.
  3. Curriculum vitae, resume or biography of the artist – The CV must include your full contact information and any other supporting material you would like to include (web links, reviews, catalogues, etc.) (1-page maximum);
  4. An artist statement – indicating any connection to the Regent Park community or rationale for interest in working in this community (1 page maximum);
  5. 1-2 images of artwork you have created or proposed piece(s) – for consideration or commission. For each image please include the following information: title, medium, dimensions, year of completion in the Response Cover Page
  6. Priority will be given to artists who live/work in the Regent Park community.
  7. Submission must include proposed fee(s) for each piece. Artist’s fee proposal to include delivery and if required, storage of piece/s if applicable up to 8 months after completion. Artist to coordinate with Daniels for installation.

Only one submission per artist or artist group will be accepted.
The deadline for submissions is 5:00 p.m. on Friday March 20, 2020.
For any other questions, please contact