• Mark all revisions – additions and deletions – with a red highlight in your proof reply email.
  • All changes should be made inline, within the body of your text
  • Feel free to include additional notes, the number of revisions, at the top of your reply email.


Replace and highlight a complete sentence or paragraph instead of marking all of the individual changes. Example:

Original sentence: The cat jumped over the moon then back again, three more times!
√ Yes: The cat jumped under the moon and back again three more times!
X No: The cat jumped over under the moon then and back again[, DELETE] three more times!


Highlight the full word to help make the change easier to spot. Example: When adding an ‘s’ – Cats is better than Cats


Please avoid deleting text when editing, as it’s very difficult for us to detect removed text in proof revisions. Instead, you can indicate deletions by highlighting them red and using the strikethrough style.

Deletion Example:
This is a sample sentence.

If your email software does not support strikethrough, you can highlight the text and include a bracketed annotation.

Alternate Deletion Example:
This is a [sample DELETE] sentence.


Bracketed notes are very helpful when indicating small revisions like punctuation. They are also useful for any instructions that may be difficult to see or understand (eg. spacing revisions and relocating images and blocks of text)

Punctuation Example:

This is a sample sentence [. ADD]

Other examples:

[ADD line break]

MOVE logo here]

[REPLACE with attached image]